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Android app – Hafengeburtstag

2013 April 22
by Sven Busse

Juten Tach,

i just finished my first Android project for the city of Hamburg, through the agency tallence GmbH. It is a quite simple content-driven application for an upcoming event in Hamburg, the Hafengeburtstag. You can access all important information around the different locations, news, hotels and so on.


The app is built for android 4, but is backwards compatible down to 2.3. It features offline content with a cache sync mechanism, built with a little sqlite database. I also use the greenDAO database layer, which is a nice little library for accessing data in a no-sql like way.

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  1. soenke permalink
    April 22, 2013

    Tach Sven.
    nice work. did you go native or cross platform via flash/html5?

    • Sven Busse permalink*
      April 22, 2013


      it’s a native app, with the menu and submenu all being native (Java), but the content is displayed in webviews through HTML coming from a CMS.

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