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2012 October 30
by Sven Busse

Juten Tach,

a little post about some client work, i just finished a couple of weeks ago. With a nice team at t8y we developed the website for a major German car maker.

I was responsible for the JavaScript architecture and built many of the sites components, like charts, auto-resizing type-components, dynamic headers, various content-boxes and so on.

The site uses backbone.js together with require.js, which i have come to like quite a lot.

The project took 3 months, including prototyping.

What did I learn? Well, i learned about backbone.js. For example, that backbones has this nice shim feature, where you can let backbone correctly load JavaScript libraries, which are not compatible with the AMD principle. Very handy. I also learned about Raphael.js and that it’s a pity  that raphael does not support real groups, makes scaling a tedious job. And finally i once again confirmed my belief, that you should carefully assess a library, that you want to use. If there is little to no activity on googlecode or github, that’s a bad sign.

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